Your artificial arch support used to treat foot pain is decreasing discomfort by preventing the use of your muscles, but further weakening your feet and increasing susceptibility to injury.

When your feet are weak from prolonged use of artificial arch supports, the rest of your body must compensate for the job your feet aren’t doing. When your foot muscles are strong, your body is better aligned and weight is proportionally balanced.

You need your arches to act like a natural spring; arch mobility and strength contribute to your acceleration, balance, speed and strength. Artificial arch support restricts that spring-like function and acts like a cast. This lack of movement keeps your feet from working under their own natural power.

The PigaONE footwraps are a new category of product introducing flexible arch support that work quite the contrary to traditional arch supports. The supportive design and the flexible and adjustable arch support band gives your foot total flexibility while stimulating the arch of your feet to build the internal muscles from within, for stronger, healthier feet; which translate into better alignment and stability when you do barefoot sports and activities.